SEC Filings

SEC Filings

PACIRA PHARMACEUTICALS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 03/01/2017
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adequate to support this future growth. In addition, we may not be able to recruit and retain qualified personnel in the future, particularly marketing positions, due to competition for personnel among pharmaceutical businesses, and the failure to do so could have a significant negative impact on our future product revenues and business results. Our need to effectively manage our operations, growth and various projects requires that we:
continue the hiring and training of an effective commercial organization for the commercialization of EXPAREL, and establish appropriate systems, policies and infrastructure to support that organization;

continue to establish and maintain effective relationships with distributors and commercial partners for the promotion and sale of our products;

ensure that our distributors, partners, suppliers, consultants and other service providers successfully carry out their contractual obligations, provide high quality results and meet expected deadlines;

manage our development efforts and clinical trials effectively;

expand our manufacturing capabilities and effectively manage our co-production arrangement with Patheon;

continue to carry out our own contractual obligations to our licensors and other third parties; and

continue to improve our operational, financial and management controls, reporting systems and procedures.
We may be unable to successfully implement these tasks on a larger scale and, accordingly, may not achieve our development and commercialization goals. Additionally, these tasks may impose a strain on our administrative and operational infrastructure. If we are unable to effectively manage our growth, our product sales and resulting revenues will be negatively impacted.
We may not be able to manage our business effectively if we are unable to attract and retain key personnel.
We may not be able to attract or retain qualified management and commercial, scientific and clinical personnel due to the intense competition for qualified personnel among biotechnology, pharmaceutical and other businesses, as well as universities, non-profit research organizations and government entities, particularly in the San Diego, California and northern New Jersey areas. If we are not able to attract and retain necessary personnel to accomplish our business objectives, we may experience constraints that will significantly impede the achievement of our development objectives, our ability to raise additional capital and our ability to implement our business strategy.
Our industry has experienced a high rate of turnover of management personnel in recent years. We are highly dependent on the development and manufacturing expertise for our DepoFoam delivery technology and the commercialization expertise of certain members of our senior management. In particular, we are highly dependent on the skills and leadership of our management team, including David Stack, our Chief Executive Officer and Chairman, James Scibetta, our President and Charles A. Reinhart, III, our Chief Financial Officer. If we lose one or more of these key employees, our ability to successfully implement our business strategy could be seriously harmed. Replacing key employees may be difficult and may take an extended period of time because of the limited number of individuals in our industry with the breadth of skills and experience required to develop, gain regulatory approval of and commercialize products successfully. Competition to hire from this limited pool is intense, and we may be unable to hire, train, retain or motivate additional key personnel.
We face potential product liability exposure, and if successful claims are brought against us, we may incur substantial liability for DepoCyt(e), EXPAREL or product candidates that we may develop and may have to limit their commercialization.
The use of DepoCyt(e), EXPAREL and any product candidates that we may develop, license or acquire in clinical trials and the sale of any products for which we obtain regulatory approval expose us to the risk of product liability claims. Product liability claims might be brought against us by consumers, health care providers or others using, administering or selling our products. We have been a party of these suits in the past and may be again in the future. If we cannot successfully defend ourselves against these claims, we will incur substantial liabilities. Regardless of merit or eventual outcome, liability claims may result in:
loss of revenue from decreased demand for our products and/or product candidates;

impairment of our business reputation or financial stability;

costs of related litigation;