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PACIRA PHARMACEUTICALS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 03/01/2017
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accelerate and enhance our education and training efforts with orthopedic customers as we aim to broaden and strengthen the adoption and use of EXPAREL. In addition to supporting DePuy Synthes, we will focus on soft tissue surgeons in key specialties and anesthesiologists, and continue to act as the overall EXPAREL account manager.
In 2016, we recorded a $20.7 million charge to cost of goods sold related to a stability out-of-specification test batch of EXPAREL. In October 2016, as part of our routine stability monitoring, it came to our attention that one of two test batches of EXPAREL made in early 2016 had fallen slightly (1%) out of specification for one of the 21 acceptance criteria. All other test attributes, many of which we believe are the most indicative of the product’s performance and quality, are within specification and trending according to shelf life expectations. The other stability test batch remains fully within specifications. This test result was unexpected and an internal investigation has tied the result to a modification to the manufacturing process when this product was made, which has subsequently been corrected. We have reserved all impacted inventory on hand and exchanged a limited number of boxes that were sold from the impacted inventory.
Separately, as we have accumulated test data over the life of the product, it has become evident to us that one of the 21 stability acceptance criteria agreed to with the FDA upon product approval, and one that we believe has no bearing on product safety, presents a recurrent risk for testing outside the approved specification. As a result, we have recently been in discussions with the FDA about both a modification of that specification as well as the potential development of a new analytical test for this attribute. Until that process is completed, we have agreed with the FDA that all EXPAREL manufactured beginning in October 2016 will include 12-month expiration dating.
In September 2016, we launched EXPAREL to the oral and maxillofacial market by introducing a 133mg dose contained in a 10mL vial for use in patients undergoing third molar (wisdom teeth) extractions. We believe the 133mg dose will also find adoption among plastic surgeons. We introduced these 10mL vials in a 10-pack and a 4-pack so that oral surgeons and doctors at smaller surgical centers will have easier access to provide EXPAREL to their patients.
In June 2016, we enrolled the first patients in both of our EXPAREL Phase 3 trials for upper and lower extremity nerve blocks, specifically a femoral nerve block for patients undergoing TKA, and a brachial plexus nerve block for patients undergoing either total shoulder arthroplasty or rotator cuff repair procedures. We expect to report top-line data from these trials in mid-2017.
We are investing in a series of blinded, randomized, bupivacaine-comparator Phase 4 trials in key surgical procedures. These trials are designed to assess the differences in postsurgical pain and opioid use between patients receiving EXPAREL as the foundation of a multimodal analgesic regimen versus a bupivacaine-based multimodal analgesic regimen. Our Phase 4 trials are also designed to support clinician education on procedure-specific best-practice care.
As noted above, we recently announced top-line data from a Phase 4 trial in TKA. We are also advancing a Phase 4 trial of EXPAREL for postsurgical pain management in patients undergoing spinal fusion surgery, and we expect to report top-line data in the second half of 2017.
In 2017, we plan to initiate a series of Phase 4 trials in soft tissue procedures. These will include a C-Section trial with a two-point transverse abdominis plane infiltration, or TAP, with EXPAREL added to the standard of care, a colorectal trial evaluating a four-point TAP with EXPAREL as part of an Enhanced Recovery After Surgery, or ERAS, protocol and a breast reconstruction trial. These trials will evaluate opioid use and postsurgical pain control, as well as a number of additional efficacy, safety and health economic outcomes.
In the first quarter of 2016, we initiated two pivotal Phase 3 nerve block trials comparing the effect of EXPAREL versus placebo through a femoral nerve block trial for TKA and a brachial plexus block trial for total shoulder arthroplasty or rotator cuff repair procedures. We believe that this new indication will present an alternative long-term method of pain control with a single injection, replacing the costly and cumbersome standard of care requiring a perineural catheter, drug reservoir and pump needed to continuously deliver bupivacaine.
If our trials are successful, we intend to file a supplemental New Drug Application, or sNDA, for nerve block in the middle of 2017 for a six-month Prescription Drug User Fee Act, or PDUFA, review. We believe that this additional indication for EXPAREL will allow us to fully leverage our manufacturing and commercial infrastructure.


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